AboutSafetynett (UK) Ltd

Based in the heart of Yorkshire we provide specialist training and consultancy services in the areas of Safety, Health and the Environment.

With over 20 years of regulatory experience and a proven track record across a wide range of business sectors we believe that we have what it takes to make a positive difference to your health and safety performance and productivity.

We understand that health and safety needs to add value to your business and this means bringing about cost effective solutions to achieving legal compliance, improving your health and safety culture and performance and demonstrating your health and safety commitment to your valued customers, key stakeholders and employees.

We believe that health and safety is about real people engaged in real jobs and changing the behaviors of real people to change their perceptions, opinions, attitudes and actions is at the heart of our approach.

We are fully committed to our vision, which is:

"To inspire businesses to make a positive difference to the safety, health and well being of their employees and all other persons affected by their work activity".